The power of facelifts

The power of facelifts

You might already know that you want younger, healthier looking skin. But you just don’t know how to accomplish that goal. The facelift can be an effective way to reclaim your face from the ravages of genetics and aging.

There are two main facelift options. The full version is more intensive, and is used to address sagging skin and loose skin folds. The mini- or weekend facelift focuses on areas like the cheeks and jawline.

Full facelifts can sometimes require an overnight hospital stay. The weekend version, meanwhile, is an outpatient procedure that gets you back to your life in no time.

Different people have different end goals, and your surgeon can help you decide which facelift is best for you.

To make sure you receive the best care possible, consider seeking the care of Maryland Plastic Surgery. Led by Dr. Adam Summers, an experienced surgeon, MPS’ medical staff can help you achieve your beauty goals.

Dr. Summers is always very meticulous and caring when treating me. He answers all of my questions and ensures the best result. He is always available for your concerns.

– Mamie A. Verified TrueReview®

Mamie Ambrose
I can’t believe how incredible my skin looks after Dr. Summers did laser resurfacing for me. Love, love, love it!

– K. V Verified TrueReview®

K. V
My experience with Dr. Summers and his staff was superior. Everyone was very professional and helpful and all were eager to make you feel comfortable.

– Barbara F. Verified TrueReview®

Barbara F.

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