Post-Op Bras

Post-Op Bras

After breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery, we recommend that patients wear a comfortable bra that provides gentle compression and support for one month.  The ideal bra has the following qualities:

1. Opens (clasps) in the front, but a back closure is acceptable. Do NOT purchase a bra that you must pull-on over your head.

2. The band of the bra comfortably sits against the rib-cage under the breast fold. The elastic band must NOT ride-up onto the breast.

3. The cup should be soft and provide compression across the majority of the breast.  Do NOT get a bra with a “preformed” cup or a padded bra.

4. The shoulder strap should be wide enough to be comfortable.  Thin straps tend to “cut” into the shoulder region.

Because there is significant variation in individual body shape, we have compiled a list of bras that you may consider wearing during this time.  Patients have reported that the following bras meet the above criteria:



-Playtex: Full Figure 18-Hour Classic Full Coverage Soft-Cup Wire-Free Bra

-Fruit of the Loom: Seamed Wire free Bra, Style 96715

-Fruit of the Loom: Shape & Support comfort wire-free bra, Style 96825

-Just My Size: Full Figure Active Stretch Cotton Wire free Bra, Style 1220



-Bali: Downtime Wire-free Stretch Bra, NWT Style 3375



-Playtex: 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Full-Figure Bra, Style 4049

-Playtex: 18-Hour Front-Closure with Flex-Back Wireless Bra, Style 4695



-Bali: Comfort Revolution Seamless Smart Size Bra, Style 3484

-Bali: Comfort U Cotton Double Support, Style 3036