Large pores, flaking skin, fine lines, rough texture…all of these are common concerns that can easily be improved with a series of simple microdermabrasion treatments.

You may have heard about microdermabrasion — a treatment provided by many medical spas and medical facilities specializing in cosmetic skincare.  Patients love these treatments because of the immediate results that can be obtained, frequently with no downtime! Traditional microdermabrasion treatments use an exfoliating grit (such as aluminum crystals) and a vacuum handpiece to smooth the skin and remove superficial irregularities. It is especially helpful in cleaning out clogged pores, too.

At the PURE MedSpa, we utilize a special diamond tip microdermabrasion wand. This eliminates the grit that can be left in your hair by crystal-based treatments. And, patients can choose to combine microdermabrasion treatments with topical infusions, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments or chemical peels to achieve an even more impressive result.

Microdermabrasion studies also report that the procedure stimulates circulation and helps promote new collagen growth. This makes it an essential part of any anti-aging skin care regimen.  In fact, for both men and women, microdermabrasion is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures.

Other conditions treated by microdermabrasion include: Inflammatory Acne, Age Spots and Scars.  In some cases, more aggressive treatments can even help reduce deep scars and hyper-pigmentation.  At the PURE MedSpa, we adjust the procedure to fit each patient’s specific needs.

To prepare for your microdermabrasion treatment, avoid the sun prior to coming in (sun-burned skin cannot be treated) and discontinue any irritating home skin care products (Retin-A, Vitamin C serum, etc) for a day or two in advance.  Following the treatment, continue to avoid the sun and irritating products for at least 24 hours.  Of course, we recommend using sun-screen both before and after any skin care treatment.

NOTE: In Maryland, only registered nurses and doctors are allowed to perform microdermabrasion treatments. So, be sure you are obtaining your treatments from an appropriately qualified and well trained licensed health care provider.

Ready to rejuvenate your skin? Treat yourself to microdermabrasion treatments today!  Schedule a consultation at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center PURE MedSpa to learn more about how you can rejuvenate, enhance and protect your skin.

I can’t believe how incredible my skin looks after Dr. Summers did laser resurfacing for me. Love, love, love it!

– K. V Verified TrueReview®

K. V
Dr. Summers is always very meticulous and caring when treating me. He answers all of my questions and ensures the best result. He is always available for your concerns.

– Mamie A. Verified TrueReview®

Mamie Ambrose
My experience with Dr. Summers and his staff was superior. Everyone was very professional and helpful and all were eager to make you feel comfortable.

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Barbara F.

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