Case 34: One Hour SMART Facelift

Case 34: One Hour SMART Facelift

To demonstrate how good a patient can look just 24-hours after a facelift, this 49 year old woman is shown here before and one-day after the SMART Facelift procedure. Her cheeks and jowls were elevated, providing more youthful fullness to the midface and a more angular jawline. No other procedures were performed. Minor bruising is present but will be easily concealed with makeup. She returned to work the same day. Her procedure was featured on Washington DC WUSA Channel 9 News in a cover story. Over three years following the procedure, she remains very pleased with the results. Cost: $7,000.

Last year, Dr. Adam Summers performed a One Hour Facelift on me. I have to say, I am surprised by how smoothly the procedure went and everyone thinks I look great!

– Cathy A. Verified TrueReview®

Cathy A.

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