3 questions to ask when selecting your plastic surgeon

3 questions to ask when selecting your plastic surgeon

There may be several plastic surgeons in your area, but there is a foolproof way to select the best one for your cosmetic procedure needs. If you’ve decided to get plastic surgery, you need to select a surgeon who is not only recommended for that procedure in particular, but who will also fit your needs as a patient.

Below are three questions to ask yourself with any surgeon you’re considering:

Do they make you feel comfortable? With any doctor, whether they’re a general practitioner or a plastic surgeon, you need to make sure you feel comfortable around them. Always trust your gut and go with a surgeon who you feel a personal connection with, as long as they are also qualified.

Do they specialize in your desired procedure? Many plastic surgeons specialize in different areas of cosmetic surgery. From rhinoplasty to breast augmentation, you should always ask what your surgeon’s expertise is and look for one with a background in the procedure you’re looking to have performed.

Are they board certified? In order to ensure your plastic surgeon is qualified to perform the procedure you want, make sure they are board certified. A board certification shows that the doctor meets minimum standards of excellence in this field.

Whether you’re looking to get a face lift, nose job or laser skin resurfacing, make sure you go to the best surgeon for your needs, both medical and personal. Contact Maryland Plastic Surgery for more information on the procedures we offer and discuss your beauty goals with Dr. Adam Summers, a dual board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Microvascular, reconstruction breast augmentation, microsurgical techniques and minimally-invasive facelifts, among other procedures.

I can’t believe how incredible my skin looks after Dr. Summers did laser resurfacing for me. Love, love, love it!

– K. V Verified TrueReview®

K. V
My experience with Dr. Summers and his staff was superior. Everyone was very professional and helpful and all were eager to make you feel comfortable.

– Barbara F. Verified TrueReview®

Barbara F.
Dr. Summers is always very meticulous and caring when treating me. He answers all of my questions and ensures the best result. He is always available for your concerns.

– Mamie A. Verified TrueReview®

Mamie Ambrose

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