Mystery Shoppers

Hi! Thanks for inquiring about our Mystery Shoppers program! Our goal with the Maryland Plastic Surgery and Pure MedSpa Mystery Shoppers program is to ensure our practice is conforming to the highest ethical standards possible while creating an amazing and memorable experience for our patients. We realize many people will apply, and we may or may not be able to accept everyone into our program.

For those accepted into our exclusive Mystery Shoppers program, you will be entitled to choose 1 treatment of your choice from any of the medspa treatments listed on the right side.

  • Free Facial – reg $89
    Enjoy healthy skin with a purifying, hydrating, and relaxing 30 minute facial.

All these medspa treatments are available to our exclusive mystery shoppers for only 99 dollars.

  • FotoFacial Laser (IPL) Treatments – reg $300
    Remove uneven pigmentation and transform blotchy skin to reveal a smooth complexion
  • Injectables – Botox & Dysport – reg $300
  • Microderm & Chemical Peel – reg $300
    Reduce fine lines, smooth your skin, reduce pigmentation and brighten your skin with a combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peel.

Here’s How It Works…

1. Schedule your office visit using our online scheduling service or call our office direct. If you do call, feel free to ask questions about various treatments or the treatment you’d like to have performed during your visit. DO NOT ASK about the mystery shoppers program or inform our staff that you are a mystery shopper or you will not be allowed to participate in our program.

2. Schedule your appointment. Please set a time that is convenient for your schedule.

3. Attend your appointment. When you attend your appointment, you should expect to receive friendly and attentive staff to welcome you. When you finish, our staff will process your payment for the normal retail value of whichever service or treatment you select. See below how to receive your mystery shoppers rebates and special prices.

4. Complete a brief Patient Approved survey. Within 48 hours of receiving your treatment, you’ll need to complete a brief survey to report your experience at our center. Once you complete your survey, we will rebate your account the difference between the retail value of your visit and your Mystery shopper price. For example, if you select to receive a Microderm and Chemical peel package, you’ll remit $300 at our office. Once you complete the survey, we will rebate the difference, so you would get a rebate of $201.00. If you select the facial, you’d receive a 100% rebate.

IMPORTANT: As a mystery shopper, all participants are required to complete the Patient Approved survey in order to receive their rebates. If a participant does not complete their survey within 3 business days of their office visit, the participant agrees to forego their rebate.

ELIGIBILITY: To ensure the objectiveness of our program, the mystery shoppers program is only available to first-time patients. Existing patients are not eligible for inclusion in this program at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process please click the button below and let us know what they are… thanks for inquiring and good luck!

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